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Technological innovation, regulation and competition have resulted in a complicated U.S. equities market structure.

Potamus Trading is a registered broker-dealer that specializes in leading edge Technology and Finance, partnering with its clients to navigate and keep pace with interconnected markets. We provide bespoke execution services in U.S. equities to top tier clients.

Our Services Include

Why Potamus

Our goal is to provide high quality execution services to our clients in an environment of increasing regulation and complexity. Our team is comprised of best-in-class engineers, finance and compliance professionals.

Working with Potamus provides

Access to high performance execution algorithms built on a proprietary, low latency trading platform

Transparency in order handling and costs of execution

A trusted counterparty in achieving trade execution goals


Paul Govereau, PhD.

Managing Partner & CTO

Paul Govereau is a Managing Partner and the firm’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Trading. Dr. Govereau manages the development of the firm’s trading strategies, risk management systems and core technology. Prior to co-founding Potamus, Dr. Govereau co-founded a number of technology companies as well as held positions at Microsoft, Microsoft Research, Akamai Technologies and Oracle.

Kristin Linnell

Managing Partner & CFO & CCO

Kristin Linnell is a Managing Partner and the firm's Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. Ms. Linnell oversees the firm’s accounting, financial reporting, tax, operations and compliance functions. Prior to co-founding Potamus, Ms. Linnell was the Director of Finance and Head of Compliance for PhaseCapital LP and has previously held similar positions at multi-strategy hedge funds and hedge fund administrators.

Tim McCooey

Head of Sales and Business Development

Tim McCooey is the firm’s Head of Business Development. Mr. McCooey is responsible for overseeing and advancing the business development efforts and strategic opportunities for Potamus. Prior to joining Potamus, Mr. McCooey held senior positions at Citi, Societe Generale and was most recently a Managing Director at SenaHill Partners, a Fintech investment bank.

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To learn more, please contact us at info@potamustrading.com.

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